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Moon Dog Pie House proudly uses:




All Natural Grande Cheese

Escalon Tomatoes

Daiya Vegan Cheese

​Ken's Sauces

Sweet Baby Rays

Welcome to
Moon Dog Pie House!


At Moon Dog we strive to always share our passion of keeping the worldwide tradition of being happy around a table with delicious food and the ones you love alive and well for everyone in our community. Our diverse menu contains everything from family recipes passed down for generations to unique personal favorites found during our travels all across the world and is sure to keep you and your loved ones coming back for more. 

To best express our commitment to always provide the absolute best in food and beverage, we make all of our food in house by hand down to our freshly prepared dough each morning. We also feature a wide variety of desserts both made in-house and from world famous bakeries such as Jimmy D's Cakes in Chicago, and local favorites like the cupcakes and select cakes "Let Them Eat Cake" in Avondale. Simply put, we make things that we like and know that you’ll like them as well. From Pot Roast to Espresso, you’re going to love it all.

Please feel free to Contact Us or speak with a floor manager regarding any dietary needs and request you may have.


Our Food